I swear I’m not intentionally ignoring you

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 | Design-y Bits, Life in Czeltistan

To catch you up on what your Czeltistani government has been up to in the past few weeks:

- There’s been work, most of it involving reading small type extolling the specific virtues of bicycles.

- There have also been meetings, mostly involving people of Irish descent. Rumor has it there is some sort of Irish-related festival coming up in the near future. (Far too near, considering how many volunteer issues I still need to deal with.)

- Unfortunately, there has been a fair amount of time spent at the neighboring hospital. My grandmother has pneumonia and is not reacting well to her treatment and may possibly have other medical issues that haven’t yet been discovered. We spent 6 hours or so with her in the ER on Sunday and she was admitted later that night. Tuesday she was moved to the ICU, which is just never a good thing. So now we let the medical staff do their thing while we wait and hope and keep our fingers crossed.

- And, since I haven’t had any free time to spare, the Czeltmobile decided it needed not only new brakes, but also new rotors. Hooray. So I took the day off work to take the car in for some automotive love. Then I took myself to the Oriental for a little movie love (because, clearly, I hadn’t spent enough money today). Go see Sunshine. It’s lovely. (Well, except for the irritating spaceship noises. Space is a vacuum, folks. Ships don’t rumble out there.)

- There was a Mighty Deerlick show. I spent most of the evening yawning and trying to stay awake long enough to see all three bands. I think I’m going to have to turn in my Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle card now that I’m old. *sigh*

- There’s also been a bit of bill paying, laundry, grocery shopping and such, but you needn’t concern yourself with these things.

So that’s that. We should return to our regular broadcast schedule shortly. Meantime, I leave you with one link. Shirt.woot! is live now. Works the same as Woot! — one item a day, dirt cheap, for sale until it’s sold out. Shirts so far have been great. (If you go to the blog at the site, you can see thumbnail images of past shirts.) Enjoy.

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Ships do too make loads of noise in space. See, by order of the Universal Federation of Interstellar Kickassity, all spaceships must have a series of microphones mounted in the engine area and directly to the body of the exterior of the ship, near where the flames shoot out (they pick up the vibration of the body of the ship). These sounds are sent to a mixing board (curiously, the ship’s sound engineer is always also the cook: go figure) and are broadcast on a universally-agreed-upon frequency, and all spaceships also have a receiver locked in to that frequency, which cannot be turned off, so that any ship within a certain broadcast range (how is it broadcast? By substellar transluminal postprandial exactorama, duh!) will hear the cool, kick-ass sounds of the rocket. Science fiction scientists are very thorough, you know.

Next up: how do they get those way-cool exterior shots when there appears to be no camera there?


sending you cases of psychic Guinness


…and how do flames occur in a vacuum? Where’s Duck Dodgers when you need him?


Ships didn’t used to make noise in space. Not until the gorram Alliance said they had to.


UGH! I needed new brakes for the van plus a blower motor (that’s the fan that controls the heating and air conditioning in the car). That was $1,300 we didn’t see coming. What was your damage?

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