It’s bacon!

Friday, August 3rd, 2007 | Fun With Teh Intarweb

Mmm. Bacon and bacon-related products. I can feel my arteries slamming shut just thinking about it. *drool*

I still want to try that bacon chocolate bar. That sounds awesome. Not too sure about the bacon cotton candy, though.

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I’m surprised they neglected to include Bacon bandaids in that list.

captain flummox

The ice cream and cotton do seem a little out-there, but did you see the bacon salt in the comments? I know a few vegetables that could go for that.


Damn! I’ve been sitting on a similar bacon/chocolate combo idea for a couple of years now (yes, I do have witnesses). My version – never field-tested, as I’m far too incompetent in the kitchen to trust myself to do the concept justice – involved thick-cut, peppered bacon and dark chocolate. I think those flavors would go together better.

*sigh* yet another million-dollar idea, down the tubes of non-hot-iron-seizing…


I still remember the day, while driving down Water Street looking for a place to park, I said, “I smell bacon.” And there was you – quizzically looking around for police officers. Then I said, “No, I mean I REALLY smell bacon.”

Ah, good times.

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