So very, very wrong.

Saturday, August 11th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

I stop by my local pizza place on the way home from the pub tonight. The parking lot of the bar across the street from there is PACKED and is bumpin’. (Yes, I said “bumpin’” and I meant it, yo.) (I didn’t really mean the “yo” thing, however. I apologize.) So I ask the bartender at the pizza place what’s up. He tells me “Ton Loc’s playing.”

Ton Loc.

Let me let that sink in.

Ton Loc.

That dude hasn’t had a hit since the late-80s. And really, he squeaked that second hit in there. He really should only get credit for “Funky Cold Medina” (and should be brutally punished for it 20+ years later). Yet the college students who live near me are over there, drinking copious amounts of Red Bull and cheering for him.

If I had not been drinking beer on and off since 3pm today, my solution would be to go get drunk and try to ignore it. Unfortunately, I’m home and don’t want any more beer. So I think I have to crank the episodes of Adam-12 I have left to watch and pretend I don’t hear what’s going on outside.

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!! Adam-12 !! Are you/were you a “groopie” of the series?

To have to “crank up” Adam-12 to drown out street activities makes us wonder what is going on in your fair city!


Please advise

czeltic girl

I just live close to the bar strip, so noise travels. :)

And yeah — Adam-12 was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. It’s funny watching it now. So tame.


Not that I am proud to admit that I actually know this but the spelling is really Tone-Loc. While I am sure that you used “bumpin’” in the proper, uh, grammatical sense, rest assured that, inside, you are truly still a white girl.

And speaking of things I hate to admit, I liked the song, “Wild Thing.”

I must go hide under my bed now.


Could be worse, ya know. Here, they bring back “Kool and the Gang” and “K.C. and the Sunshine Band”.

Sometimes living in the sticks has its pluses. I’m too far away to hear the screaming.


“don’t want any more beer.”


My world is shattered.


…One adam-12, see the man, code 3…


“It’s the 80’s and I’m down with the ladies.”

Sorry, I actually heard that song this morning. I would’ve so gone in… lol.


I would respectfully disagree with your assessment of Loc’s output. His debut CD, I would argue, is a classic of 80’s whitey-friendly rap. Many a late-80’s eve was spent listening to (most likely while smoking) “Cheeba Cheeba.” Also, he made frequent appearances on NewsRadio, one of the greatest sitcoms of all time.


I thought he went into the house rehab biz.

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