Notes on an Irish Fest

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 | Eire

1) Lordy, it was wet. Enough with the rain, please. We’re good. (Mother Nature could at least be nice and stop it in time for Fiesta Mexicana this coming weekend.)

2) The Celtic Rock Stage from 8pm Saturday through the close of the Fest on Sunday: Crickets. Hard to rock out when the stage is closed down. Extra huge kudos to Enter the Haggis and Scythian for managing to pull off killer impromptu sets sans sound system. You guys saved our butts on Sunday and pulled off one of the coolest Irish Fest music shows in years.

3) Excellent job by all involved in the Tommy Makem tributes. They were fantastic. And, as I fully expected, Rory Makem made me cry. I knew that’d happen as soon as I saw the boys, but I had no idea the first time I saw Rory, he’d be singing Four Green Fields. And boy, does he sound a lot like his dad, who was sorely missed at this year’s festival.

4) Thanks to the stage being shut down all day Sunday, we were able to leave the booth a bit early and actually catch the full Scattering and a set by The Elders beforehand. I’d heard great things about The Elders, but hadn’t had a chance to see them yet. They are fantastic. Make sure to check them out if they come your way. You won’t be disappointed.

5) Photos are coming. I haven’t had the urge to fire up the computer at home and download them yet.

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Rain? At least it’s the authentic Irish experience. :-D

czeltic girl

I was joking with the Clare contingent that it was all their fault and that they should just take it right back home with them. But no, they left it here long enough to flood a huge swatch of the Midwest.


Elders at the ICHC this fall.

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