She’s Sick Y’all (though you’d never know it)

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 | Tunes!

Nice piece by Laurie Lindeen in today’s Morning News about her MS. I’m glad to hear she’s still doing well. It seems to me that, if in fact rock’n'roll helped keep the MS at bay, a fine bulwark against the disease would be a couple Zuzu’s Petals reunion shows…especially one in Milwaukee. (I’ll even settle for Madison.)

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Not sure if it was the rock and roll, as much as the diet, vitamins, and whatever meds she is taking. Ms. Lindeen has the type of MS called relapsing/remitting. As you know, there are other classifications. Gail and I deal with them as best we can, she primarily, and I as a caregiver. By the way, if anybody is in the same position, there are some marvelous caregiver organizations out there. They make you understand you’re not alone. Check the National MS Society’s site.

czeltic girl

Maybe Gail should start a rock band. :)


Nah. All she needs are more weirdos. She already works for the government…

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