A note to other tenants in my building

Thursday, September 13th, 2007 | Screed!


You are such big pussies. It is in no way cold enough to turn the heat on yet. Put on a sweatshirt and man up, Nancy. Sheesh.

Moose kisses,

(My landlord called me to ask if I could fire up the boiler because some of the other tenants called to say they were cold. Here’s an idea: Take your air conditioners in and close your windows. Newsflash for some of you, but it sometimes gets chilly at night in Wisconsin in September. Also, I’m so not flipping that switch tonight, as it’s freakin’ 70 degrees out today.)

(Ok. I’m done now.)

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Is there no way to turn the heat on for the individuals who claim to be cold and charge them for this special service so early in the ‘heating season’ w/o having to charge the other tenants?

czeltic girl

Nope. One boiler for the building.

I lost the battle. The other tenant who knows how to work the boiler turned it on. It was about 8 zillion degrees in the building when I got home last night, so I made a couple little adjustments to the temp settings. Shouldn’t come on now until it gets down to 50 outside. Mwahh ha. :)


!! GOOD FOR YOU !! If I could live live somewhere the daytime temp never went above +75 Degrees F and nightime never below +25 Degrees F I would move there…YESTERDAY….

Your ‘cold weather’ these jokers were complaining about would suit me I think


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