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Tuesday, September 18th, 2007 | Design-y Bits

Type in the Toronto subway

I remember noticing the typeface in the subway in Toronto. Wish I’d thought to get photos of it. Ah, well. Just have to go back, I guess. (Oh, darn.)

What I remember most about the subway there was that someone with a decent sense of organization needed to be called in to deal with directional signs and system map info. Of course, that was more than five years ago, so they may have made some improvements since then. I’ll give them this, though — the only subway system I’ve found that’s cleaner is the DC Metro.

Oh, that reminds me. Christyl and I found a lovely game to play in the NY subway stations: “Where’s the Duracell?” It’s a pretty easy game. Go down to the platform. Go to your train’s side of the platform. Look in the rail beds. First person to spot a Duracell battery wins. We were beginning to think we’d need to revise the game to “Where’s the Energizer?” as Duracells were proving far, far too easy to find. (I think our record was 15 at one platform. It likely would have been more, but we gave up counting because we were bored with the game and didn’t feel like walking farther down the platform.) So there you go. Enjoy a simple new way to kill some time while waiting for your train.

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