A little thing I learned this week

Monday, September 24th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

They really don’t make get well cards for people who have been in horrific accidents. And I need two of these (potentially non-existent) cards.

The accident in question has so far resulted in three broken limbs, loss of one leg, multiple surgeries, one knee replacement, brain damage and the promise of months and months of rehab. Somehow, a card that says “I hear you have a boo-boo” just doesn’t quite cut it.

May just have to make my own.

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I don’t think I’d even send a card. I think I’d go donate blood in their name or something.


Yeah. Had something like that happen to a friend. No card until she came out of the coma.

czeltic girl

I found suitable cards. And the group I know them through is organizing a little fund drive for them.


yay for that. I’ll add them into my good thoughts.

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