A little medical update

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

A couple of people have asked after the friend of mine & her husband who were in the accident, so here’s an update I got tonight:

He’s still in the hospital, which is depressing him some, as he thought he’d be released by now. (I also missed his broken arm in the injury list in the last post. Guess it made less of an impression on my brain than the leg he lost.) No word yet on when he’ll begin his rehab.

She’s been moved to a skilled nursing facility to begin at least two months of rehab, which, so far, is going well. With everything she’s got going on physically, one of the things upsetting her most is that she’s having trouble with her spelling since the accident. (Someone else from our group remarked on how that was an odd thing to be upset about, but I totally understand. That would completely depress me.)

They both are having up and down days, but they seem to be on opposite schedules, and they’re taking turns being each other’s cheerleader.

So it’s still a bad situation and things aren’t going to be easy for either of them. But it sounds like it’s going as well as it can without a time machine.

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