Yay, TV!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 | You Call This News?

I just watched my friend Tony win $1400 on Cash Cab: After Dark on the Discovery Channel. (It’s CC:AD episode #8 if you’re lookin’ for a replay.)

Way to go, Tony (and Sam for the shout-out help).

Follow-up questions for Tony:
1) How long is your cab ride delayed by filling out forms and waivers and such?
2) Did you invite Ben to come try his luck at your trivia game? :)

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God, I didn’t realize you had brought this up before!


(1) Not at all. I got in, and they got that first “surprise” shot, then they made me get out so they could film me getting in, and that was it. The forms were filled out at the end of the trip.

(2) Ben has a great radio voice, but one of the reasons the questions were so easy is because he was being fed them often literally one word at a time. If you wanted to, you could set it up so you stalled on one question for five minutes. They’d be pissed, but they’d let you.

So the short answer is no, I never told him. I didn’t think it would be right, and I don’t suspect he’d do very well.

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