Better late than never

Thursday, October 11th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

I meant to do a little recap of my 20-year high school reunion, which was last Saturday, but I got sidetracked, then I got sick, and now I’m just feeling lazy. That, and I can’t think of happy, fun, exciting things to say about the evening. It didn’t suck or anything. It was just a bit surreal.

Food was good. Location was fine. And it was really nice to see the friends I’ve kept in touch with since high school and some of the other people I liked when I was a teen but haven’t seen in years. But after the first hour or two, it was mostly just kind of odd. I’m probably a bad person for admitting this, but I just don’t remember most of the people from my class (even with hints from my friends about why I should), and it seems there aren’t too many of them I have much in common with. (Which probably goes a long way toward explaining why I lost contact with the majority of them.)

Don’t get me wrong, I had some nice conversations with some of the people who attended, but for every one of those, there were at least three semi-awkward conversations with others. I don’t want to rehash high school memories. I didn’t go to college with anyone from my class. I don’t have children stories to tell, nor a spouse to talk about. (Don’t really want either. Mind you, that didn’t stop most people from giving me the little side head tilt and look of pity when they learned I wasn’t married or hadn’t bred. *sigh* But that’s not just them. I get that from most people my age who aren’t single and childless.)

Likewise, I had no real common ground with the folks who live out in the country (in one case, completely off the grid) and are into the outdoors thing. Don’t really do too well talking to people about their jobs, either. And I suck at making small talk. I do a whole lot better at simply people watching while enjoying my cocktail. However, I find it makes people uncomfortable if I just randomly pull up a chair and eavesdrop.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I’m just sort of rambling at this point. I should probably quit while I’m ahead and before I make everyone think it was a terrible evening. It wasn’t. It was just strange.

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It is strange: I mean, just because a group of people went to high school together twenty years ago they’re expected to have anything to say to one another? At mine (which was X years ago), I enjoyed seeing some people I was friends with back then – most of whom I was pleasantly described to discover I still had much in common with – was amused to discover just how different a crowd of people within a year of one another in age could look (I’d've guessed some were seven years older, others as much younger), and somewhat surprised at how many were proclaiming themselves born-agains. So, yeah: fun, but kinda strange.

czeltic girl

Far as I know, we only had one born-again in the crowd. Lots of others going on about involvements in their church or their kid’s parochial school, though. I mostly just stayed out of those conversations. :)


Hey at least you got Rob! I get whats his face – Colleens husband (I think). Somehow doing the electric slide with people I wanted to kill in HS isn’t my idea of fun!! Gonna have to rent a date for my 20th – want to show up with a girl and rub it in!

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