Looks like I’m right-brained

Friday, October 12th, 2007 | Fun With Teh Intarweb

At least when dealing with optical illusions. :)

I’ve gotten this a couple of times in my email, but I saw it again today on The Morning News, so I gave it one more shot.

Right Brain vs. Left Brain

I could not, no matter how long I stared at it, make her turn any direction but clockwise. After I saw the comment under the article about concentrating on the girl’s face, I did that for nearly two minutes and was finally able to see it go counter-clockwise. As soon as I looked away and looked back, though, it switched back to clockwise.

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She keeps changing directions on me (and I wasn’t even trying to get her to change directions)! First going counter-clockwise, then clockwise, then back to counter-clockwise. Weird.


right on there, Christyl. I swear I could see her stop and then go the other direction. Is anyone sure this is accurate? 50-50 from these eyes.


I’m switchable too…

czeltic girl

I’ve only been able to get her to switch the one time. Haven’t been able to do it again.

Help — my left brain is broken.


I’ve had the same problem as Christyl. The only time she seems to change is when I look away. I’ll catch it out of the corner of my eye changing directions…


I can make her reverse at will, but I can also make her stop and remain so. If I relax, she goes back to clockwise.


She started out clockwise, but there was some glitch in the stream and she stopped moving for a second, and when she started again, she was going counter. Then I looked away and relaxed my eyes, and she was back to clockwise. After a couple of minutes I couldn’t tell which way she was going anymore unless I really picked a leg and decided it was the right or left leg.

Very Tricksy! I wonder what it all means?


I think the counter-clockwise thing is just a way to fuck with arty people because there is NO WAY she goes the other direction. Or maybe it doesn’t work because I can’t focus on anything other than the naked boobie en silhouette.

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