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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007 | Design-y Bits, You Call This News?

I’ve been following the flap over the new NYC Taxi logo for the last week. (Series starts here, if you’re so inclined to play along.)

The logo the city decided on really is an abomination. Design should never be decided on by a committee. It never ends well. (And this is a perfect example of that.) So the Times asked designers to weigh in. Some offered alternatives, with mixed results. Why people decide they need to get fancy is beyond me. If you’re in NY and need a cab, you’re looking for a yellow car with a lantern on top. Everything else is just window dressing at best, and confusion for the international visitors at worst. However, I get that the yellow part might be problematic for the colorblind, so a logo for the cabs isn’t the worst thing. That said, simple is best.

Then the Times asked readers to submit logo ideas. Eight designs have come in so far. I had discussions yesterday with two different people on the design suggestions (which means I looked at that page a lot yesterday). Didn’t notice until someone posted on our intranet today, though, that the top design was submitted by one of our creative directors here at work. (D’oh! Way to read for details, Anne.) His design’s my second-favorite of the reader-submitted versions. (He’s right — it would look good on a t-shirt.) Sorry, Scotty, but Richard R. nails it. He’s got my vote for best design out of all submitted, designer and reader. It’s got everything you need: the word “taxi,” the rates and even the official NYC logo. Extra bonus: a nice little reminder of the Checker cab days. Well, done.

Now let’s hope the city sees the brilliance in it and scraps the one they’ve chosen. (I know — fat chance. But I can hope for the best.)

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