Oh, god. My eyes.

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 | Bloggity goodness

The next time I run into someone who thinks the ’70s were cool, I’m going to direct them to this: Strap In, Shut Up and Hold on. We’re going back.

I remember this kind of stuff from the first time around. The horror. The horror.

(Link shamelessly stolen from Sherri.)

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ouija repair

If interest rates go up, we’ll be right back in the 70s, only with more crazy people in the world. All we need is a Carter-class dem in the White house (Hillary,) sky high oil (check) American cars that can’t measure up to efficient imports, avocado appliances and — hmmm, what else? Oh, Lawdy — the AMC Gremlin flashbacks…


I think I must put on the first DEVO record, quickly. Or maybe that’s just the jumpsuit talking.


i have always wanted to
sue: the 70.s
….and then take on the 80.s
thanx for yer link to my dev page

Jimmy Carter's REvenge

My God. There are people who today believe the 70’s were cool? Most of my friends from the 70s run from the people they knew then out of embarrassment. But I do think we’re heading back — to the 60s politically and either the 70s or the early 30s economically. Or judging from the reliability of the press, possibly current Venezuela. Thankfully, my most reliable vehicle is a 1991 so I won’t have to go back to say, the Gremlin or the Pacer, or whatever their new iterations will be. Incidentally, the barrel chairs and spool tables of the 70s I think were economically conceived. As the global economy shuts down I bet we see more of those homes made from shipping containers.

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