We’re back

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

And we left New Orleans reasonably intact.

Too tired to blog. Trying to convince myself to post some photos. (So many photos to sort through.) I’m hoping to get to some of it Wednesday evening. Guess you’ll need to be patient until then.

Update: I’ve posted a few pix from the train journey down to New Orleans. I’ll try to get more images posted in the next few days.

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I hope New Orleans treated you well. We get so few visitors these days.


welcome back, we have so much to talk about

czeltic girl

Chef, New Orleans treated us fabulously. Everyone should go visit. A very warm welcome awaits.

La C.

We just moved to Milwaukee from Memphis (which is how I stumbled on your blog). I always said the thing I would miss most about Memphis was how close it was to New Orleans. How was the train ride down? I don’t think I’d want to make the drive. But we try to get down at least once a year, and I am afraid I’ll go through withdrawals if we stop visiting.

czeltic girl

The train ride was great. Was kind of nice just to kick back and watch the scenery. And they feed you very well if you’re in the sleeper cars. (We didn’t check the cafe menu, which is available for the coach seats, but I’m sure the food there is also pretty good. Sure looked like there were some tasty things on the menu. We were just too full to try any of them.)


Train Trip to the South……..

Sounds exciting..Meet any interesting people on board?

I’m thinking someone along the lies of a Peter Lorre type……Adventure…..Intrigue….’Orient Express or Midnight Train to Munich type setting…

I hear Willie in the backgd. singing “City of New Orleans.”

Looking forward to more pics and your commentary :)


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