The rest of the NOLA photos

Sunday, November 18th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

Ok. Everything’s finally posted.

You’ll find the remainder of the shots from in the city beginning here and the shots from the train journey home begin here.

We spent our last morning in town walking around the Warehouse District and the riverfront. We popped into the Quarter to get one last coffee at Cafe du Monde and a muffaletta for lunch. Then it was over to the Amtrak terminal and time to head home.

Overall impressions of New Orleans: I highly recommend a visit. Don’t fear what you’re hearing about the crime. Use your head when you’re there — take cabs at night, walk in well-lit areas where other people are, don’t walk around drunk with your wallet hanging half out of your pocket, etc. — and you should be fine. The attractions you want to see are up and running for the most part, and you’ll find there’s almost never a wait to get in, get a table, find a seat in the pub, or what have you. The locals are some of the friendliest people I’ve met and they sure are glad to have people come visit again (especially if you’re planning to be a visitor and not a tourist). Unless you’re going during Mardi Gras or the Jazz Festival, you’ll find rates for accommodation to be really quite reasonable, especially considering how conveniently located most of the hotels and B&Bs are. So go. You’ll have fun. Just expect to come home a couple of pounds heavier from eating all that wonderful food.

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