Saturday, December 1st, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

Stopped in the store on my way home last night to grab a few cans of cat food. Cost was $1.46. Cashier accidentally rang in that I gave her exact change, instead of the $2 I gave her. She stared at the register for a bit and looked confused. Then she wandered away.

I looked down the counter and saw her using a calculator to figure out what she owed me.

Even worse: She came back to the register, then apparently forgot what the change total should be and had to go back over to the calculator for a second look.

Good thing I didn’t give her $2.01. Could have been there all night.

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The wheels of consumerism are far better greased by credit cards: haven’t you seen the ads? Cash? How barbaric – might as well try to barter a dead rabbit.


..argh…It is just as bad here..One story has to do with the attendant at a Walgreens pharmacy thinking my name was Boric Acid and was there to pickup a prescription!


The other shorter tale deals with me going to the bakery to ask for 1/2 dozen of something. The girl behind the bakery counter asked me how may items made up a half-dozen!


‘Dear God..Please give me patience to deal with your children.’


At a local hardware store, I asked for a quart of denatured alcohol. I was told that “we only have the 32 oz.”


I always thought those those Visa check card ads — where everything grinds to a halt because someone uses cash — were sposta be funny. Turns out they’re social criticism… hmm.


Next time, disable her by untying her shoes — while she rolls around the floor in helpless confusion, grab your correct change and go.


They don’t wear tie shoes. Too complicated…


I always laugh at people who nave never grown up with a real cash register. They’ve never had to count back change. They have always been told exactly what to give.

Soon it won’t just say “$1.63″ It will say “A dollar bill, two quarters, one dime and three pennies.” Sad.


Soon it won’t just say “$1.63″ It will say “A dollar bill, two quarters, one dime and three pennies.” Sad.

Sometimes I wonder if some already do. I mean, they can’t figure out the correct change but they can figure out the right coin combination?

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