It was all going so well…

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 | Uncategorized

…until they let us out early for that snow day. After that, it was mostly downhill.

Got home, found the parking lot wasn’t plowed and I couldn’t get the car up the hill on the driveway. Parked illegally on the street and went to go shovel the hill. Got that done, got back to the car, only to find out that it now stalls out once the tach drops below 1000 RPM. Managed to limp the car back to the drive and after several attempts, finally make it up the hill…only to get stuck in the snow in the lot. Got the shovel, shoveled a path to my parking spot. Finally got the car parked, hoping the stalling out thing will correct itself by morning. Decided that while I was out there, I may as well shovel the back walk and the garbage cart area. Got back in the house — finally — tired and soaked (it was still snowing the entire time I was out). Did a little work and decided to go to the pub. The pub was the only good part of the afternoon/evening.

Spent half the night awake, tending to a sick kitty (gericatrics are so much work sometimes) and waiting for the ibuprofin to kick in, as every muscle in my arms and shoulders was rebelling against both the shoveling and the flu shot earlier in the day. Finally managed to get a little sleep. Was woken up an hour early by the neighbors upstairs making too damned much noise for 7 in the morning. Got back to sleep a little, until the other cat woke me up by hacking up a hairball. Decided the gods were against me and got up. Realized ibuprofin had worn off and it now hurt to raise my arms. Again. Took more ibuprofin and a long, hot shower. Fought with the cat to take her meds. Finally made it out of the house and out to the car. That stalling thing? Still happening. Cursed the car for awhile and decided to just take the bus. Made it to within 20 feet of the bus stop and realized I didn’t have exact change. Went back home, got change, went back to the bus stop. Decided buses are only fun if you don’t have to take them.


This day had better improve a little.

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Iz made you a vicodinburger but I eeted it.



czeltic girl

I know. Had I known how much my night/morning would suck, I’d have had way more than three beers.

Ah, well.

La C.

Since the snow began to fall, I’ve stopped working out. I just go out and shovel when I feel like getting some exercise.

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