Back to normal.

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 | Uncategorized

Ok. We’ve recovered some more lost entries and the template. I put back what’s left of January stuff. Lost a couple weeks’ worth of data at the end of December, but considering I was a blogging slacker for two of those weeks, there isn’t a whole lot of data that went missing. (Sorry in advance to anyone whose links are going nowhere any more.)

Thanks, everyone, for your patience. And thanks to all of you for sending emails and IMs about the outage. I guess people really do read this thing. You all rock.

And big, big thanks to Mr. m@ for the emergency services and for providing a home on the intertubes for the people of Czeltistan.

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captain flummox

I’m so mad at myself for missing the outage, but rest assured I would have been outraged at the outage if I hadn’t been distracted. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the next one.

czeltic girl

Oh, there won’t be a next one. At least not this big. Hosts were changed.


I would have had outage outrage, but as I age my rage abates…


I missed the outage, and you probably know this, but your comments are gone…

yes, all my clever observations on your writing are just a fleeting memory… alas

czeltic girl

Comments from January are gone. My latest full backup was from Dec. 13 and m@’s was earlier than that, so we grabbed what we could from Google’s cache and I put it back in manually.

Comments from Dec. 13 and earlier, and anything from this point on are fine. But yeah — there’s some stuff missing in between.


Glad you are back!

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