Oh, happy day

Saturday, January 5th, 2008 | Uncategorized

Last week Sunday, I went out to go shoot some photos in Riverside Park. Stopped at the corner stop-n-rob to get a paper on the way.

Shortly after heading down the path to the park, I noticed I didn’t have my favorite ring on my hand. I was 99% sure I had put it on earlier that day. I retraced my steps at least twice. When I couldn’t find my ring, I thought that maybe I had forgotten to put it on. Went on with my hike and my photos, but took one last look around on the way out of the park. Nothing.

Stopped back in at the convenience store on the way home. Nothing.

Went home. No ring there, either. Began to feel a little sick.

Went back to the park the next day to search again, despite an extra dusting of snow overnight. Still nothing.

So today, on my way home from some errands, I was driving by Riverside. It’s pretty warm today, so a lot of the snow is melting. Figured I’d give it one more shot. At the very least, I could say I’d done my best to find it.

I didn’t have much hope. A lot of people go down the path where I thought I’d lost it, and it’d been a week. Furthermore, the path is alongside a school, and classes have been back in session all week. But I started searching anyhow.

And there it was.

I did a double take, grabbed it to make sure it was real, looked around to make sure no one was watching and then did a little dance.

My ring! My lost ring. It’s home! That just made my entire week.

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