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Went to a little shindig last night to watch the NH primaries and eat free pizza (my mayor is teh awesome for throwing the party). Got in the car to go home. Everything was fine until I tried to make my first left turn and got a lovely rubbing/scraping noise coming from the right front wheel. I pulled over, but thanks to it being dark and raining, I couldn’t see what the trouble was. So I limped home using as few left turns as possible. (I even did the ‘three rights instead of a left’ thing at one point, ‘coz I was that focused on not making the damage worse.)

Took the car in to the shop this morning. They came out and looked at it. Found a new dent in the right front corner of the car, low on the frame (WTF?? Where did that come from?? Thanks, whomever doinked my car). The dent pushed the covering on the inside of the wheel well out of its normal spot, causing my tire to rub on it whenever I turn left.

So, thankfully, it’s nothing terribly serious. Just annoying. But really — enough with the car issues. They’re eating into the Czelt’s vacation fund, and that’s not cool

Update: Car is now ok, and it only cost me $24 ($28, if you factor in bus fare for the day).

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