The lakefront won’t be the same

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 | Uncategorized

They’ve finally scheduled demolition for the old Coast Guard station at Milwaukee’s lakefront. Looks like it’ll be torn down by the end of March.

Milwaukee Streets had a good piece on it (with far better photos than mine) late last year. The Milwaukee DCD’s 2001 study on the building can be found here (pdf). And the WI Historical Society has a photo of the building in better days.

I’ll be very sad to see it go. It’s in terrible shape, but it’s one of my favorite buildings and that stretch of the lakefront just won’t be the same without it. I wish someone had been able to get the money together years ago to help save it. It got a reprieve from last July’s scheduled demolition, but I don’t know if it can pull that off twice. Maybe I should go play the lottery…

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I remember the Old Coast Guard Station, in its better days! It is sad to see old landmarks get demolished. I hope a Starbuck’s doesn’t get built in its place.


Oh, man. That bums me out. I love this building. All these McCondos going up everywhere, but they can’t save a beautiful old building like this. Stupid.


I think it was less money than politics: the Native American group that wanted to restore it was prevented by a parks group who (in this case misguidedly, in my opinion) were opposed to any further building in the parks. I get the principal…but in this case, the building exists, and if a small amount of outbuilding were necessary to preserve a historical structure, that’s reasonable. Look at the benefit the Alterra’s brought to the lakefront by retrofitting the pumping station.

captain flummox

Ah, I’ve never even seen the place, and I find it sad, especially if it died of politics as much as neglect. What’s going there? Starbucks?

La C.

Oh no, how sad. I have been impressed with Milwaukee’s seeming ability to hold on to historic buildings (compared to Memphis anyway). It will be sad to see it go. Guess I better get my picture taking in while I can.

czeltic girl

Fred: They’ll be replacing it with a “picnic pavilion.” Haven’t seen the plans yet, but unless it looks like a prairie-style Coast Guard station, I don’t think I’ll be a fan.

La C: We’re pretty good at holding onto our historic buildings now. You missed the ’80s, when it was a free-for-all on tearing down wonderful architectural gems throughout the city.

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