Superbowl round-up

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 | Uncategorized

1. Woooooo! Ok, really, I didn’t especially care about either team, but I usually root for the underdog in that case, and there’s something about the Patriots that just rubs me the wrong way. So that game was ever-so-lovely.

2. Let’s talk ads.

- Could that Ling-Ling panda ad have been just a little more racist? Eeesh.
- Budweiser: With the exception of the Bud Light wine & cheese party spot, your commercials were incredibly stupid. You may want to consider an agency review.
- The eTrade baby spots: Also stupid. And did we really need to see the thing spit up? Gross. Trust me — you’re not doing much to sell your service to those of us who aren’t particularly fond of children.
- The commercials that I thought were decent this year: Coke’s Carville/Frist spot; Pepsi’s Justin Timberlake spot (I admit it. I laughed at both the mailbox and the TV.); Garmin’s Napoleon ad (just ‘coz I didn’t see the punchline coming); and the Amp “Push It” spot, which was so gross it was amusing.

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So apparently there was some sort of major sporting match held earlier today?


i just blogged about that too. I think all the Sales Genie ads were racist!

czeltic girl

Right! That’s whose ads they were. Horrible ads.

And 2fs — it was women’s semi-pro synchronized swimming. The finals. Very exciting.


As a strong panda supporter, I found the panda commercial completely insulting to pandas AND people. I can’t BELIEVE that made it on the air. The only consolation is that millions of people watched it and hated it as much as we did. Way to go, Sales Genie. Disappointing commercials on the whole. Why were so many of the commercials lame office joke ads? You’d think the marketers would get that people want to be entertained, not think about work…


My DH has this complaint about all Budweiser commercials. He says it’s like they’re saying, “All our customers are idiots! They will do the stupidest things just to drink our watery crap. Come, be one of them! Be a freakin’ idiot!” Yeah, that makes me want to go chug a Bud Light right now

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