The Brits get all the cool goodies

Monday, February 4th, 2008 | Uncategorized

I was perusing my contacts’ photos on Flickr the other day and ran across this photo of a box full of goodies, posted by Anne from I Like. I was intrigued, so I followed the link to Matter’s site.

They had a blog post detailing the contents of the first box. Now I wasn’t just intrigued, I was a bit jealous. I want a box full of cool goodies to arrive in my mailbox! Unfortunately for me, it’s UK-only right now. (Foo.)

But I sent them an email saying I thought it was a fun idea and that I wished we had this in the States, too. (‘Coz I need more stuff. Ok, I don’t. But I want more stuff.) Got an email back from them today saying they’ve had quite a bit of US interest and may end up doing a US box “sooner rather than later,” they’re just trying to figure out how to stimulate demand.

Really? Stimulate demand? Have you met Americans? We LOVE free stuff. :) Bring it on.

(Update, Tuesday: Matter’s site is back up.)

4 Comments to The Brits get all the cool goodies

captain flummox

That reminds me. You’re due an Aunt Mary gift.

czeltic girl

I still have yet to find you the perfect Aunt Mary gift.


hey, I want stuff! Free stuff. Looks kinda office supply-ish, too. And if it is kinda British-y, all the better.


I say: Nintendo? Nissan? Sony? How much more British could one possibly get? :-)

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