A message to my coworkers

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008 | Uncategorized

You are all big sissies.* That’s 3″ of snow, not 20″. Get your butts in here and join the dozen or so of us who weren’t afraid to venture outside their houses this morning. Half of you live on or near bus routes, fer chrissake.

Moose kisses,
Those of us who actually came into work

(*People in rural areas and those who had to stay home to take care of little kids who aren’t in school, I will exempt you. In fact, those of you with kids, thank you for staying home with them and not bringing them in here.)

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Yes, this is a bit of a joke, isn’t it? I’m the only person downstairs now. If I had a laptop with CS3 on it, I’d be home now. That’s my tagline for today.


I went to a “networking” event last Thursday night, where the snow was more intense than this.

Nobody is in my office either, except those of us who get here before anybody declares a closed office anyway. They’re all VPNing from home. Yeah, right. They’re all watching Oprah and last night’s recap of American Idol.

MPS called off school (which means my kids are out) and if I didn’t have built-in child-case, I’d be VPNing it too.

No I wouldn’t. I’d be watching Oprah and last night’s American Idol recap.

Because, since nobody came in today, those of us who DID come in have our hands tied by not getting signoff from the stay-at-home wusses to do anything but switch thumbs.


I was looking forward to a long, intense code day at home, but summat’s up with the tubes between me and my dev server… must be snowed under. What time is Oprah on? :-/


hee hee i hear ya CG, but at least my whole team knew before we even left that we were planning to work from home regardless of the actual snowfall. I got quite a bit done… and for at least half the day I was thinking, where is this imaginary snowstorm because there was still just 1″ or less visible outside here in W.P. Then…. bam! Hope you had fun snowshoeing.


‘Course, the bus types would have had a bit of a dilemma when the Transit System stopped service. It still wouldn’t have been as sticky as those 500 cars stalled on I90, though…

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