A semi-relaxing evening at home

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008 | Uncategorized

Spent the night at home with the girls last night. Cliff’s feeling all kinds of better after her surgery. She spent the evening tearing around the house and being exceptionally chatty, even for her. I think most of what was being said was along the order of “what does a cat have to do to get some food around here?” Meanwhile I spent the evening chasing after the cat to see what she’d just knocked over and saying such things as “get your head out of there,” “no, wine is not for kitties,” “you’ve got a big plate full of food right there,” “hey, that’s my pizza” and “don’t you even think of peeing on that.” Occasionally there was a “hi, Norm. Where have you been all night?” (Hiding from the Cliff Show, I suspect.)

I managed a load of laundry, but ignored all sorts of other things I was supposed to do. Guess that stuff is on tap for tonight. I also caught a bit of election returns (*grumble grumble*), but had to stop watching when one of the morons on CNN said the candidates “were going mano a…womano.” (Seriously? Aaaagh. Maybe you should learn what that phrase actually means.)

Thanks again to everyone for the kitty well wishes. She should be back to her regular ol’ self by the end of the week. At the rate she’s eating, she may well be fat by next week.

Oh, and finally — did anyone hear any football news yesterday? I looked all over but couldn’t find anyone talking about it. (I kid, but in Wisconsin you’d think the end of the world had come about. Yes, Favre will be missed, but sheesh, it’s not like he died. He just retired. The man’s almost 40. Football’s a harsh career at that age. I get it — it’s news. But maybe we could stop short of interviewing grief counselors about it, don’tcha think?) (Wish I were joking about that last one, but sadly, I’m not. Proper TV journalism is dead.)

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Brett will be sorely missed, but at least now we’ll have a quarterback whose name sounds the way it’s spelled.

ouija alignment

Boy, you got that last sentence right, and a great example, too.

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