I can’t decide if this is brilliant or cruel

Friday, March 14th, 2008 | General

PowerPoint Karaoke

The person in front of the room launches into a completely impromptu talk from a PowerPoint slide deck she has never seen before. The results are openly, gleefully absurd.

Sure, the PowerPoint aspect is cruel, but the idea is fantastic. And it can’t be any more torturous than regular karaoke.

(And no, it wasn’t lost on me that a lexicographer wrote this article. She’s got a pretty entertaining blog, too, if you want to check that out.)

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As part of a military leadership training course, I once had to give a 5 minute impromptu speech, sadly without powerpoint. Each speaker would walk to the front of the room, draw his/her topic from a hat and speak for 5 minutes. All the people before me spat out lists more than gave a speech so I decided that no matter what topic I drew I would imagine a world without it. I drew ‘belts’. It’s easy to imagine a world without belts but entirely more difficult to talk about it for five minutes without a lot of ‘pants down’ references.