More for the music lovers

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 | General

Matthew Baldwin’s got a great song lyrics trivia game over at The Morning News today. Seems like it should be a piece of cake (and some questions are), but overall it’s much harder than it looks.

I just finished my first run through it and only have 25 of 50 of the answers. Time to take a second (and likely third) look at the rest of the questions.

Quick tip: Careful where you mouse around on the page. If you mouse over the “Answer” links, the url for the links shows the song and artist. Call it cheating or call it a spoiler, it’s still bad news. So watch your cursor.

3 Comments to More for the music lovers


39 of 50. I might have done better more slowly…and without other music playing in headphones at the same time. But I’m sure several of the songs that lack distinctive language would’ve been tough for me no matter what.


35/50 here, and I shoulda done better.

czeltic girl

I finally made it up to 36. Still trying to see if I can guess the others. Based on the ones I have, I’m certain I should know these.