The beginning of the end

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Here be spoilers. If you’re not on BSG season 4 yet, just skip this entry, m’kay. Thanks. (Sorry, Jeff.)

Season 4 Battlestar Galactica premier tonight. Time to find out who the final Cylon model is. This one’s been perplexing me. I’ll be sure of who it is, then find some reason to rule them out. Assuming it’ll be a major character (oh — zing! It’s Hot Dog. No one will see that one coming.), I think I’ve at least got it narrowed down. Here’s the logic:

Adama: First of all, they likely wouldn’t have sent another Cylon to shoot him if he was one of the 12. (Then again, they took Tigh’s eye, so what the hell do I know?) Second, if he was a Cylon, no one would have made such a huge fuss over Hera. Zack and Lee would have been the first human-Cylon children.

Apollo: Ruling him out, based on the fact that Adama was there when Lee was born. Sure, you can implant memories into a Cylon to make them think they’re human, but implanting them into a whole human family is problematic.

Helo: He and Sharon have a kid. We know she’s a Cylon. We know Cylons can’t breed, except with humans. Ergo: Not a Cylon.

Cally: Ruled out for the same reason as Helo, but substitute The Chief for Sharon.

Gaeta: I’ve really got no reason for him to be ruled out, but I don’t think anyone would care one way or another if he were human or Cylon. Seems like a good way to just tick off the BSG fans, so not a Cylon.

Possibly Cylon:
Starbuck: It would seem she’s the most obvious, based on that whole returning from being presumed dead thing (and the mandala bit and her conversations with Leoben about her destiny), but the fact that it’s so obvious weighs on me. I’m not-so-secretly hoping it isn’t her, partly ‘coz I like the character, but partly because it just won’t be a surprise.

Roslin: If I could pick the final model she’d be it, but I’m solely basing that on D’Anna’s reaction and subsequent apology when she saw the final model. Can’t think of anyone D’Anna would need to apologize to, except possibly the president. However, her cancer may rule her out. (And did they ever actually run Adama and Roslin through the Cylon detector back in the first season? I can’t remember anyone definitely getting a result except Boomer and Ellen. If so, that would definitely rule her out.) I do think she’d be the best twist, though, seeing as how she’s the one with all the visions about Earth.

Dualla: I take that back. If I could pick anyone, it’d be Dualla. Cannot stand her character. Would be more than happy to airlock her. Sadly, I doubt it’s her.

Zarek: I’ve got no reason to suspect he’s a Cylon, I just think it’d be a kick for the original Apollo to wind up being a Cylon.

So that’s what I’ve got so far. I miss anyone? Miss anything obvious?

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What about Naomi?




oh yeah another thing about Roslin is she shared the visions with Six, Sharon, and Hera…

czeltic girl

Baltar, near as I can tell, was ruled out by other Cylons in season 3. I’m perfectly ok with him being a Cylon, though. I’d love to see him put out the airlock.


Well, it could explain D’anna’s reaction. She died before she could say anything to him about what she saw.

Why does Six have hallucinations of him?

Have they ever explained how he survived the original attack? I find it hard to believe that he could survive a nuclear explosion just because she says ‘duck’.

There are 12 models which goes with the idea of the 12 colonies/quorum of 12 etc. Why not have a 13th unknown to represent Earth?

czeltic girl

That nuclear blast/duck thing bugs me every time I see it. Her skinny little legs — Cylon or not — are not going to be any match for a nuclear blast.

And I never thought of the 12+1 thing before. You may be on to something there. It would definitely be a great plot twist. (Dear BSG Writers, Here’s a really good idea…)


I thought that when D’Anna (or Xena as I always call her) said she was sorry to one of them that it was Tigh she was apologizing to for putting out his eye. I think it will probably end up being that Starbuck is the last Cylon but I’m just guessing.


One day I’m going to get brave enough and I’ll test to see if I’m still under the “any show I like and watch will be canceled, preferably in the midst of a plot twist” curse.

Bartender Glenn

Here are two points to consider as well

Why Gaeta? Remember in the episode “Taking a Break From All Your Worries” right before Gaeta stabbed Baltar? Gaius asks Felix why he played both sides when he didn’t have to and then he adds “if your friends only knew the truth.” Then Baltar whispers something in his ear and Gaeta goes nuts. Maybe he was saying “You’re a cylon.”

it may be Romo Lampkin Balyars lawyer seeing as the way that they show him dropping off his cane and waking away like he was not really hurt from his attack, and how he implied how he has more of a job now that he has won the trial…


Aaaargh! Spoilers! (Just starting S3 on DVD here…)

czeltic girl

Ack! Sorry. I should have put the human/cylon thing in spoiler tags. I suck.


Yeah, I agree with the idea of Felix because the four revealed ones were all part of the resistance. It would seen to be another interesting plot twist if the leaders of the insurgency were all cylons.

I also thought that Romo (I think of him as Badger) must have some further role to play too. He can’t just walk off like that and have it be the end.


I bet it’s Kendra, after they went to so much trouble writing her character for the Razor mini-movie, and I read somewhere she’s casted as a major character for season 4 even though she’s…dead.



Dang, girl, I didn’t know you were a BSG fan. We could have spent the entire day Saturday talking about it. The signs are certainly pointing to Starbuck, what with the new Viper and all, but I agree, that just seems too obvious. I do like the idea of Kendra, though. That’s mighty interesting. I picked up the Razor DVD, but haven’t watched it yet to see if the added scenes shine any more light. I will say I have a hard time buying Tigh as a Cylon, seeing as he’s been friends with Adama since childhood, I thought, and presumably the Cylon-human technology hadn’t been developed yet at that time. Unless they took actual humans as models to base the 12 on, and Tigh the human was one of them and is now dead.

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