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Saturday, April 5th, 2008 | Uncategorized

Three games. Three wins.

My day started at 10:30am with the Faux-pening Day tailgate out at Miller Park. Brewers won over the Giants. Much closer game than I thought it’d be. The Brewers were dominating going into the 6th, but gave San Fran a chance to catch up after that. Highlight of the game: two idiots who decided to rush the field. Oh, sure, they made it to the other side, but the security staff was waiting for them and it would seem the security staffers are football fans and enjoy practicing their tackles. (It was nice to see some football at the baseball stadium again.)

We could not have asked for better tailgating weather. It was 65 degrees and sunny. I got my first bit of sunburn for the year. Guess I missed a spot on my forehead when putting on the sunblock this morning. Whoops. Good thing the roof was closed at Miller Park, or I’d probably look like a beet right now.

After that was the annual Battle of the Badges police vs. fire hockey game. I was good with either team winning, but the Emerald Society member in me was happy to see a police win. Fun game. Good crowd, too.

Rounding out the night was an Admirals game. A win. It was really nice to have the team’s starting goalie back. He had a good night in Nashville yesterday, so I’m sure he wasn’t happy to be back in Milwaukee, but we all enjoyed his return. Good game, except for the guy two rows behind us who expressed every thought he had and shouted helpful things like “shoot it from the middle of the ocean!” (wft does that even mean??)

So here it is, now 12 hours after I started. It was a great day, but I’m beat. Time for a nap.

I’ll probably dream about sports.

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