The enjoyable parts of being unemployed

Monday, April 14th, 2008 | Uncategorized

The Public Museum is free for Milwaukee Co. residents on Mondays. That means it’s possible to get in to see the Body Worlds exhibit for only $12, instead of $24. (More on the exhibit in the comments.)

Guess where I went today.

And then, when I was done, I went to play with the rattlesnake button in the bison hunt diorama. Then I went over to the Streets of Old Milwaukee and the European Village for a bit. I like to just hang out in those last two and see how many of the visitors notice the little hidden bits in each. (Museum protip: There’s a brothel in the ‘Streets’ exhibit, albeit a very subtle one, and there’s all kinds of stuff on the rooftops in the European Village.)

Hooray for free days. Debating whether or not to take advantage of the one at the Art Museum on Wednesday. Heard a rumor it’s supposed to be 70 degrees out then, so it might be a waste to spend it indoors. Guess I’ll wait to see how things go.

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Frequent reader Carol

I love that museum and I know that rattlesnake button! Its location was imparted to me as a great secret but maybe they show it to all kids (which I long ago was). I enjoy your blog and would be interested in your reaction to Body Worlds – not sure I’d want to see it, myself.


One of my fave things is to go through museum dioramas and search for the scary, stuffed cats in each one. Streets of Old Milwaukee has some brilliant ones.


Hilarious. I was just at the museum on Saturday, first time in years. I couldn’t find the rattlesnake button and thought I had remembered reading that they took it out. Then some kid came running up and started pressing it. Good to know how much stuff in there hasn’t changed in 30 years, but there’s enough new stuff to keep it fresh.

czeltic girl

BB — I always look for the cats, too. I don’t know who taxidermies them, but they should put that woman who did Samson on the case. They’d at least look less like that creepy cat floating around HD.

Carol — I really liked Body Worlds, but I’m fascinated by that kind of thing. I was trying to explain to my mom the other day that everything almost looks manufactured. It’s not even remotely ‘gorey’ (as one friend who didn’t want to see the exhibit described it). The full bodies were interesting, but they certainly weren’t my favorite parts of the exhibit (except the nerve one, which made me awestruck at how surgeons can cut into us without severing all feeling to that part of the body). I really enjoyed the pieces that were in the cases. It was interesting to see what a heart attack or stroke or osteoporosis actually look like. I highly recommend the exhibit. Even if you are a bit squeamish about these things, by the time you get through the second room, it really shouldn’t be bothering you any more. No blood. No ooze. No gore. Really — it does look kind of fake. (Though thanks to some kid pointing out that muscles ‘look like meat’ — which his dad pointed out, they were. Kid’s probably a vegetarian now — all I could think of when I saw the muscle structures was “Looks like tenderloin. I should really grill out one of these days.”)(Sorry, Mom. I promise I’m not a cannibal.)

Jack — That rattlesnake button was possibly the very best Easter egg the Museum ever installed.


OK, I have many fond memories (and scary ones of the fish tunnel + garbage heap) of the museum, but I didn’t grow up in Milwaukee and don’t know about the button! This will give me something to find while himself sees the icky BodyWorlds thing.

Also, you should really check out The Traitor State, up at the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay–all about German-Americans in Wisconsin + WWI.


I saw the Body Worlds exhibit in Seoul back in the day. I thought it looked like someone went wild with some beef or turkey jerky. You’re right, it takes the gore right out of it.

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