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Question for any Time Warner Cable subscribers who have recently had the new “upgraded” systems installed in their area: Is it just my experience, or does this new system kind of suck?

The guide is far, far slower and contains less info than the old one (not to mention it’s harder to read). The worst part of the new system, though, is the sound. I have to CRANK the sound to hear even half the dialogue on some channels and shows, and then I get deafened by the much louder commercials.

Anyone else having troubles?

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Bartender Glenn

Our TIVO doesn’t work right since the upgrade. It doesn’t change channels properly and we tend to miss about half of our selected shows.


The volume issue might just be the stations and not your cable. I had that problem with the SciFi channel on Friday and my cable is way over here in Washington State. I had to turn it up to hear BSG and than the commercials were loud. I’ve noticed it with a couple of other channels in the last couple of weeks as well.


I agree. It sucks. Having so much less info about programs BITES. Second-most hated part for me is that you can’t go to the guide, then go through your favorite channels in Guide mode. As soon as you hit Faves, it goes to that channel. SO annoying. Damn thing reboots all the time, too. Hating it so far. (You can try changing the sound settings – it seems to help. Go to Settings > Audio > Audio Range or Audio Output.)


I can’t stand it. Particularly the horrible new typeface. I hate it so much I went to the AT&T site to check out a new U-Verse bundle. I was not impressed below is my chat transcript with their online sales “help.”

My name is Donnie. How may I help you today?
Donnie: I will be happy to answer your questions regarding AT&T services. I specialize in setting up new phone accounts and High Speed Internet service.
Donnie: HI! How may I assist you today?
you: We currently have a familytalk 550 cell phone plan and are interesting in adding home phone, internet and U-verse
you: We’d be interested in the u-verse 200 and the “pro” internet access
Donnie: Have you checked the availability for U-verse.
you: yup. check. it’s available.
Donnie: Great! so you can add all of the services online.
Donnie: May I ask a few questions to be sure that you select the best plan for your needs?
you: sure
you: yes…? Hello?
Donnie: Are you locating for Long distance calls or Local calls.
you: both
Donnie: Thanks for the inforamtion.
Donnie: What do you (or will you) use the internet for in your home (i.e. downloading music, watching videos, gaming, pictures, etc.)?
you: We’re interested in AT&T High Speed Internet Pro
Donnie: How often do you think you will be using your home phone for local calling?
you: Regularly. My wife works from home and faxes locally quite a bit
Donnie: As far as long distance, how much do you use every month?
you: Not much. A few hours.
Donnie: Thank you for the information.
you: Looks like the ALL DISTANCE® ONLINE SELECT package would suffice
Donnie: Yes,You can go for that.
Donnie: And it would suffice your all needs.
you: I’m looking for a bundle price
Donnie: Let me send you a link to get your order started.
you: We’re interested in a bundle with the following:
you: -familytalk 550 +iPhone
you: -Uverse 200
you: -AT&T High Speed Internet Pro
Donnie: Just copy the link into the browser and get your order online started.
you: That form is a generic “have a salesperson contact you” form.
you: We already have U-verse in our neighborhood
you: You’ve been less than helpful
you: Hello?
Donnie: At this time, I specialize in setting up new phone accounts and High Speed Internet service.
you: So, you’re useless when it comes to bundles?
you: Is there someone else I can chat with?
Donnie: Thank you for chatting with AT&T today. It has been a pleasure assisting you.
Thank you for chatting with AT&T today. Have a great day.

czeltic girl

Von, I hate to laugh at your pain, but that’s hilarious.


I agree completely. It sucks.
In fact, we had the volume issue last night while watching a movie, gets uber annoying having to turn the volume up and down for every commercial.


We have Time Warner Road Runner, Digital Cable, and Digital phone service. When ATT U-Verse first came out, we decided to do a 2 week trial. You should know that we simply disconnected the Time Warner box, but we NEVER DISCONTINUED THE SERVICE.
AT&T came out and installed their U-Verse 200 package for a free trial. That night, the TV quit working. It took them 18 hours to get a tech to come here. He said it was a simple glitch, and corrected the problem. After he left, the phone rang, and the TV quit working until we hung up. The tech couldn’t come until the next day. He said, chortling, that the installers in many cases were contractors who are “kids”, and he would fix everything. Service was restored. You should know that my wife has MS, and we have a Stairlifter chair to get upstairs. That night, she got in the chair and started upstairs. Yup – the TV quit working. Another heated phone call. They suggested that it was some sort of surge from the chair, and that we purchase a UPS unit and connect it and let them know if it fixed it. I asked if they were suggesting that WE purchase a piece of equipment qnd let THEM know if it fixed THEIR stuff. They said yes. This all happened within a space of three and a half days. We told them to come get their equipment. We reconnected the Time Warner stuff. A day later, our phones stopped working. It took us 6 months to get it completely fixed. Turns out that AT&T called Time Warner and told them that we were switching phone service. We never said we wanted the AT&T phone service. We probably would have switched had we been satisfied with U-Verse. It took us 6 months to get back to normal. AT&T had taken our old number and told us that Time Warner had it. AT&T had it all along, and only gave it up after we threatened not to call attorneys, but to call the local TV stations and talk about our experience.


By the way – a week after the 2 week free trial fiasco, AT&T sent us a bill. While I’m sure it would have been painful, we respectfully told them what to do with it…


“Donnie” doesn’t pass the Turing Test, if you ask me.


I was thinking bot. But there’s a misspelling.


FYI – I sent a nice, diplomatic (i.e. not ranty) email to TW, detailing the reasons I think the new system sucks. I just got a pretty long email from them that included this:

“Your concerns have been escalated to our corporate software development team. There are many enhancements scheduled for the Navigator software in the several upcoming weeks. These enhancements are based largely on feedback that we have received from our customers.”

If it’s true, I’ll be impressed. We’ll see. I have to say I’m surprised that I didn’t just get a “thanks, now quit complaining – our new service is great, haven’t you noticed?” back.

You should email them to let them know your complaints so they can pass them onto their developers…

czeltic girl

Thanks, BB. I think I’ll give that a shot.

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