ZOMG. Please be true

Friday, April 25th, 2008 | Uncategorized

Replacements Leaving Door Open For Reunion

But please not Coachella. I don’t want to have to go slog my way out into the desert to see them. I’m also kind of disappointed it might be at a festival. I’m too damned old to deal with music festivals. I’m bored after about two bands and after a couple of hours around that many people, I’m ready to start stockpiling grenades.

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Since Bob Stinson’s dead, they’ll need a new lead guitar player.

I say why not make two dreams come true at once: presenting, on lead guitar, Brett Favre!


That would be so cool! I’d take a Coachella reunion. It would give me something to really, really look forward to for next year’s festival. I just don’t want to see them do a Police-type reunion, playing huge venues across the country. Those types of shows/venues drive me nuts.


I wonder if this is why they’ve been playing so much replacements on MSE lately.

czeltic girl

That, and there were some re-releases of old ‘Mats materials.


It’d be nice if they got Slim Dunlap back – not a ‘real’ Replacement, but I always liked his playing. But from the linked articles, that doesn’t seem like a possibility.

Even if it’s only Westerberg and Stinson Minor, as long as it has That Spirit, it will be a very happy reunion indeed.

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