You are getting sleepy…

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 | Uncategorized

Oh, wait. No. That’s me. And I’m not getting sleepy. I’m constantly sleepy, even after a full night’s sleep. To try to find out why, tonight I’m off to Columbia-St. Mary’s for a sleep study. Don’t worry, beloved internet pals, I’ll have my camera with me so I can document the whole thing. (I’m sure the techs will just love that. “Will you put that freakin’ camera down? I’m trying to get you hooked up.”)

Miss BB tells me the folks at the CSM sleep lab are quite wonderful, so that makes me a little less anxious about the thought of trying to get a good night’s sleep while hooked up to a zillion little electrodes. I’m actually feeling worse about leaving poor Norm at home by herself for a night for the first time since Cliff left us. (Plus she had a rough week. She had some little kitty virus and got all kinds of pokes and prods from the vet on Saturday. Almost $250 in tests and meds later, it turns out she probably just had some kind of stomach bug. She’s fine now, just needs to gain back some weight.) So I’m sure we’ll both have an interesting night.

Anyone wanna take bets on what the problem is? I’m going with apnea. Secondary guess is that a medication I’ve been on since last summer is playing havoc with my system. Good times. Good times.

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There are any number of Irish Stouts that cause sleep disorders, but they don’t have to do with sleeping. They have more to do with waking up.


I’ll be waiting to hear how it goes. Hope you find it as weird and lovely as I did. :)

Kim Z

Good luck!!!


So…are you less sleepy today? How did the study go?


I am always sleepy as well. Went to get blood tests the other day.

Also, I don’t know you but while looking up lyrics to hallelujah for a cover I am doing, I ran into the parody of the song you wrote years ago on someone’s site. This random but that was awesome. Didn’t think it would come back to haunt you, did ya? Very good though! And hilarious.

czeltic girl

I didn’t write that parody (though I wish I had). That was the always-clever Mr. m@. I think of those lyrics often, though.

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