I’ll get to it eventually

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 | Uncategorized

Sleep study news coming later. I’m too tired tonight to deal with it or get the photos posted.

Meantime, why don’t you go coo over some photos of Flocke, Germany’s latest obscenely cute polar bear? Just look at the cuteness. Don’t you want to scritch his tummy? You do, don’t you? Just remember — he’d eat you if he could. Koochie-koo.

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Let us know what the results are .. I had a similar study done several years ago .. The hospital where the sleep lab was is next to the pediatrics ward .. I offered to go in and tell stories once I was connected with the electrodes but not hooked up .. My suggestion was not appreciated by the staff .. Something about nightmares and making the children sicker.


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