On behalf of horses everywhere

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 | Uncategorized

I beg of you, do not ever make them wear these. I believe it constitutes animal cruelty.

If you do decide to put one on a horse, though, don’t be surprised when no one around will try to stop the horse from stomping you to death after his horsie friends have gotten a look at him or he’s passed a mirror. He’s well within his rights.

Make sure you click on “color chart” to see all the blinding styles available. (Also: zebra! Ha ha hahahahaha ha ha. Oh, that’s a good one.)

(via Copywriter Jon, who ran across this while doing research today)

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These tacky little outfits have been around for a few years and can be seen at area showy need is matching jammies for the owners. They should be required to wear them 24/7.


I’ve seen those on horses many times. The company that makes them is only about 30 miles from my house. About half the horses for show at the county fair wear those things to keep them clean.


Looks like some of the colors and patterns of clothing the hookers used to wear while trying to ‘drum up’ business outside the main train station in Frankfurt, Germany!


czeltic girl

Ivan – lol! Well, they do say “sleazy” in the name. :)


That zebra pattern doesn’t even look like zebra stripes.

Anyway, this made me laugh, I thought it would make you laugh.

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