Monday, June 2nd, 2008 | Uncategorized

I had planned to do a post on Sunday night when I got back from a friend’s wedding reception in Wausau. It was gonna have links to a whole bunch of photos and everything.

Unfortunately, I got back into town to a couple of phone messages saying my 91-year-old grandmother had fallen and fractured her hip and was being evaluated at a local hospital. So blogging got put on hold. Grandma’s got surgery for her hip in a little under an hour, so I’m not going to get to anything done online tonight, either.

I am thinking of you, oh, internet pals. It just might take me a bit to actually get around to posting things to keep you entertained. Bear with me. Back as soon as I can. (And hopefully with stories of Grandma’s speedy recovery.)

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How’s grandma doing?

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