Sometimes we’re not so bright

Friday, June 6th, 2008 | Uncategorized

Tornado sirens were going off a few minutes ago. Rather than go to the basement, my coworkers and I went online to see what was up, then a few of us went out on the porch to see what we could see. (Answer: Nothing. It’s too far south of us.)

Our #1 line of reasoning that we were ok: A plane was flying past, heading into Mitchell. We figured if the tornado was nearby, they’d divert the aircraft, ergo, we must be ok. Turned out to be sound reasoning, though I don’t think I’d have wanted to be that pilot. The tornado wasn’t up here, but it wasn’t too far south of the airport. He was flying right toward it. (“And if you look out the windows on the right side of the plane… no, wait. Don’t do that. Look out the left-side windows instead. Just close the ones on the right side. Forget I said anything about them.”)

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