At a loss for words

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008 | Uncategorized

And yet this is kind of a long entry for me. Bear with me. I’ll be amusing again later.

While I’m not even remotely a religious person, I do have some faith in the power of positive thought and I just outright believe that sometimes things can happen with no apparent reason. I’m even convinced that sometimes they can happen for the better.

It’s for the latter that I’m writing this, hoping that if enough people can think positive thoughts, and send good vibes, maybe something good can happen.

Many of you know that I collect those silly little squished pennies you get in souvenir machines at tourist attractions. There’s actually an entire community of people who collect them and we’re a pretty close group. There are some people in this group whom I’ve met, and a lot more whom I haven’t, but who I communicate with somewhat frequently. I consider many of them to be friends.

One of these friends is a woman named Marie. She’s a sweet, giving woman who teaches and works with a group that brings dogs in to visit children in cancer wards. She’d give you the shirt off her back if she even remotely thought you needed it.

Last September, Marie and her husband, Wayne, were in a horrific motorcycle accident that left them with injuries that are still healing and in which Wayne lost a leg.

Both Marie and Wayne have been more than inspirational to a lot of us over the last nine months. What they overcame and what they’re still going through would be more than many people would be able to handle, but they never seem to give up and they’ve managed to maintain an almost unbelievably positive attitude throughout.

This week, Marie found out she has breast cancer and earlier today she let us all know that they’ve found out the cancer has spread farther into her body.

Today — the day they got the news — is Marie & Wayne’s second anniversary.

They’re still determining what their course will be. Whatever it is, though, it’s sure to be a difficult road to travel. If you’ve got any spare vibes and good wishes to send, point them toward Ohio. Marie could use every last ounce of positive energy people can send her.

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Bartender Glenn

good vibes away…


thoughts, prayers and visions en route.

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