I surf so you don’t have to

Monday, July 7th, 2008 | Uncategorized

In which I catch up on a little reading, go through my bookmarks for things I’ve forgotten to post and post goodies I’ve found today.

- This is probably a bad poster to put up at work. But it does make me chuckle. (via Jesus Chris)

- I’m a bit late in posting this WSJ article on why we talk to ourselves. Bookmarked it and then just forgot to write anything about it. Whoops. Still, I should just print out the article and give it to whatever poor souls have to sit next to me while I’m working. The only thing I talk to more than myself is my computer.

- Finally, someone has come up with a decent argument (with pictures!) as to why it’s more correct to roll the toilet paper over the top. And for those of you who still feel the need to put it on the spool the other way, know that if I ever use your facilities, I will be compelled to correct the situation. (Hey, I can’t choose how my compulsive behavior manifests itself. I just learn to deal with it.)

- The Boys and the Subway. The story is cute all on its own, but the pictures make me smile a little bigger.

- In case I forgot to mention it earlier (which I very likely did), Bank of America has expanded their Museums on Us program for 2008. It’s now good the first weekend of every month. Wish there were some Wisconsin museums included. Also: here’s a quick heads up that the Smithsonian’s Free Museum Day 2008 is set for Sept. 27. Plenty more states participating in that one.

Ok, internet darlings. I’ve got more work to do — lots more work to do — so this will have to hold you for today.

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I’ve always found it much easier to tear toilet paper off with one hand when it is hung in the under the roll position so that’s the way I have it in the bathroom that I use most often but it’s over the roll in the other one. I’ve never understood why this is such a BIG DEAL to so many people.

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