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I popped into the Whole Foods on the way home tonight to get myself a salad (yes, lazy people like me do this instead of buying our own salad fixins). Of course, a salad alone just won’t do, so I decided to take a trip down the snacky foods aisle. I was flying past the corn chips (in search of something that didn’t require an additional salsa purchase), but something caught my eye. I backed up and looked around and found the culprit: My Whole Foods now stocks Have’A Corn Chips.

I’d heard numerous reports about how brilliant these chips are, but I’d never had one. My reaction to my first chip: “Meh. These are ok, but what’s the fuss?”

Ten seconds later, I HAD to have another chip. Must. Have. More.

Since then, it’s been “Oh, I’ll just have another chip or two then seal the bag. *30-second pause…open bag again* Ok, maybe just one more.” And repeat. I’m going to have to physically move the bag to another room in hopes of stopping myself from eating every last chip in one sitting. (And I’m eating them plain. Never did pick up the salsa.)

I don’t think they’ll ever replace my beloved El Rey chips, but they sure are tasty.

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It’s cheaper to buy a salad premade than it is to buy all the fixins. Unless you’re going to do nothing but eat salad all week.Plus I’m just against having to fix any kind of food. Stirring yogurt is about as ambitious as I get these days. ;)

I’m just going to resist even looking for the corn chips.


The cool thing about Whole Foods is that, as everyone knows, free sample food has no calories or fat, no matter how many times you circle back to grab another brownie bit or whatever. Excellence!

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