Two wheels good

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 | Uncategorized

Check out these nifty NYC bike racks, designed by David Byrne. (I think the dog and the guitar are my favorites.) Fun and functional. Very nice. I wish someone would do something fun like that here. Then again, I’d just be happy to have a bike rack on the same block as the pub so I could ride my bike down there.

And speaking of bikes, I was checking out the Idea Winners section over at Business Week’s site (specifically, I was taking a gander at this fun little lawn mower) when I saw a thumbnail photo that looked awfully familiar. Sure enough, it was for the Trek Lime. (I recognized the photo from one of last year’s catalog photo shoots. I’m pretty sure I even remember which DVD it’s on in our archives. I think I need a vacation.)

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Absolutely loving those bike racks!

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