You know they’re lying. Find out how much.

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 | Uncategorized

PolitiFact Truth-o-Meter: Your handy-dandy guide to the political rhetoric.

Checks the claims on both sides and lets you know how accurate the statements are.

(via The Morning News)

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If they both claimed that the sun rises in the east, I’d still want independent verification. How many more years until November?


I would be interested to find if another publication indicates how the 3rd party and independent candidates answer these questions as well.

McC/Palin and Obama/Biden are wearing on the nerves.


Ivan – Unfortunately, the political system in this country is not set up to allow third-party candidates to play any role but spoiler. The idea that one should vote one’s conscience is hooey: that vote does not *effect* one’s conscience, often quite the opposite, if it has any effect at all. It’s rather like taking an SAT or the like and knowing that the best answer is a mixture of “A” and “B”: making your own circle in between the two just plain isn’t legible in the system which reads the test results. (This is less true at local levels…but the notion that a party can gain anything by running someone for president is mythical at best.)

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