Oh, SBC, you so crazy.

Friday, September 26th, 2008 | Uncategorized

Sacha Baron Cohen held by police after outrageous stunt on Milan catwalk

Outrageous? Really? Milan must be duller than I thought. Still, it was a pretty good stunt.

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movie fan

the pictures of Cohen crashing the fashion show in Milan hardly look like him… judging by the aftermath, though, it looks like it was an effective marketing ploy


My working theory, whenever the absurdity of apparent reality outstrips the crazed imaginings even of satirists and comics, is that it’s yet more proof that Andy Kaufman is not dead but is instead engaged in another long-term dadaist stunt (see also: Sarah Palin for VP). The sort of high fashion trotted out at such events is absurd at so many levels there’s no way it’s not some sort of joke.

Then again, young Americans have been wearing their pants around their knees like a troupe of clowns for nearly a decade now…so what do I know?

Get the hell offa my lawn dammit.

czeltic girl

2fs: I know. I was thinking that Sasha’s velcro suit covered in bits of other outfits was no crazier than anything the official models were wearing.

I find it so amusing that people running a fashion show can call anything else “outrageous.”


Yeah, but is he a size 0?

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