Banned Books Week

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 | Uncategorized

Once again, it’s Banned Books Week. The ALA has several good lists of frequently challenged books. Look through them, pick one or more and give ‘em a whirl. Make the closed-minded people nervous.

I try to read at least one banned book a year. This year, I re-read Flowers for Algernon and I’m in the middle of Catch-22. Brave New World’s on the docket. Just haven’t gotten to it yet.

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Oh, well, what the hell…
I have loved Catch-22 since college, I lived it in the service, and my wife works with it every day.


Also, you have to love the fact that one of the most challenged authors of 2007 is Mark Twain. Wherever he is, Mr. Clemens must be chuckling.

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