Trouble the Water

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 | You Call This News?

One of the benefits of living near a university (or, in my case, a couple universities) is that you get the chance to check out all kinds of interesting films you might not see in theatres otherwise. Last night, I got to take advantage of this benefit. UW-M hosted a showing of Hurricane Katrina documentary Trouble the Water.

Sure, we all saw the footage newscasters were broadcasting from in New Orleans during the hurricane, but those folks were filming on high ground. Seeing the inside of the hurricane shot by someone huddled in an attic as the water fills their 9th Ward house is an entirely different story.

If the film or the DVD of the film comes your way, I highly recommend you check it out. (Warning for folks with kids in the house: You’re gonna wanna watch this after they go to bed. The language in the film is not even remotely suitable for under-18s.)

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I’m looking forward to it, but… the original design for the poster was way, way cooler.

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