Well, this ought to be interesting

Saturday, November 15th, 2008 | Tunes!

Got an email last week saying the Mighty Deerlick would be playing tonight. At the Rave. For a midget wrestling event.

Per the teaser at the Rave’s site:

Their midget mayhem is pure, unabashed, completely unPC entertainment. They offer drunk midget limbo, midget lap dances for the ladies, comedy, drinking games and of course an all out midget brawl. There is nothing these pint size powerhouses won’t do to defend their titles MATCHES INCLUDE STAPLE GUNS,THUMB TACKS,BROKEN BOTTLES,TRASH CANS, MIDGETS TAKE IT OUT OF THE RING AND JUMP OFF THE BARS!! ..MIDGETS BLEED WHAT LITTLE BLOOD THEY HAVE FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT!!

Or, as Jack Deerlick puts it:

The Mighty Deerlick will be the musical entertainment this Saturday night in the best-sounding room at the Rave – the basement – for Half Pint Brawlers Midget Wrestling, whose motto is “Our Midgets Will Kill You” or something like that. There will also be a burlesque show, apparently. I mean besides the one that Dave engages in virtually every Deerlick show. Come down for what will surely be one of the few nights wherein the Deerlick will be the most sedate and lackluster entertainment of the evening. Bloody midgets, half-naked women, and the Deerlick. You really need to be there. Mostly to defend us from the midgets, who we’re pretty sure are going to beat us up. Also, it’s going to be 3 sets, which is normally the number of sets the Deerlick plays in a year.

Sadly, the Rave says “no cameras” for this show. I’ll do what I can with my cameraphone, but I can’t guarantee I’ll have much luck.

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The Milwaukee cultural scene seems to be shifting with this news. Is this a result of the downturn in the economy or a contaminated water supply? Who comes up with this stuff? Thanks for the heads up, but I may just skip this;)


What happens between bouts? Dwarf tossing?

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