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Sunday, November 16th, 2008 | Tunes!

“Midget wrestling” is a bit of a misnomer.

Here’s how the evening went:
- Burlesque show, 30 minute break, burlesque show
- Mighty Deerlick set
- Guy introducing midget wrestling, midget dwarf comedy (note: this part was actually funny); midget lap dance for woman from audience; guy from audience staple guns $50 bill to midget’s…um…well…testicle.
- Mighty Deerlick set
- Midget urine drinking contest; midgets actually bother to wrestle… with staple guns and tacks
- Mighty Deerlick set
- We run away

Yeah. So, um… the Deerlick learned a new ‘Mats cover, which was lovely, especially since I have a Deerlick/’Mats history with the Eagles Club/Rave building. But the part where I sold a bit of my soul to watch midget exploitation and burlesque to see said cover… that’s going to leave a mark. Or, as our friend Dave put it tonight, “I just know I’m gonna have nightmares.”

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Hmmmm … Not exactly the way I remember the place!


Half Pint Brawlers, with Puppet the midget? I saw/met those guys in Atlanta, and totally wore Puppet’s bloody shirt.


Yeah, I think I would have been well out the door pretty early on…if I’d come in the door in the first place, of course. They should have provided a special room for those who didn’t want to deal with idiots and their grossout humor or whatever; I propose “The Kitten Room,” which for liability reasons could not have actual kittens in it, but merely a wall full of cute li’l kitten videos, to counterpoint the obnoxiousness of the rest of the evening.

Only problem is, “The Kitten Room” sounds a bit too much like a venue that would host…burlesque shows. Ah well – try again.


that midget thing is just gross.


Sounds like a LOVELY evening. I pretty much avoid anything with ‘midget’ in the title. I also avoid any performance that involves staple guns.

Sunshine and Rainbow Sprinkles room.


Dwarf lilac room.


czeltic girl

John – Yes. Half Pint Brawlers.

Sherri – I usually avoid situations involving the word “midget.” (I also tend to avoid situations involving wrestling, so this way out of the norm for me.) The band was very happy we all showed, though. Ah, the things I do for my friends.

Jeff – I like the idea of the kitten room. The Rave should look into this. They’ve got extra space.


Yeah, I’ll get around to wrapping up my weekend, but, we’ll I’m glad I ended up watching the Bucks *almost* actaully beat the Celtics, followed by Dr Chow and this excellent band called Skirt doing FZ all night, summed up best by a bar patron saying, “Well, when was the last time you heard ‘Why Does It Hurt When I Pee’ in a bar … sung by a *chick*.”

Thanks for the report. I’ll be linkin’ to ya soon.


Did you notice that Dave Deerlick’s shirt (for his final costume change) had kittens on it? So, you know… the circle continues.

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