Bracing myself

Monday, November 17th, 2008 | Kitty!

My least favorite part of any vacation is taking the cat to Mom’s. Neither cat was ever good at riding in the car, but Norm’s specialty is crying the entire length of the drive. It’s a combination of irritating and heartbreaking and it lasts the full half hour of the drive.

Special bonus for the cat: Once we get to her grammy’s house, there will also be a 2-year-old running amok. Elderly cats are wildly fond of toddlers.

So I look over at her now, snoozing in the cat condo her Uncle Mike built for her, and I think, “you’re gonna hate me in about an hour.” I don’t think it’s any comfort to her that I’m not thrilled about it either.

She’ll be fine, of course. She likes going to Grandma’s. (There are stairs! And a solarium where she can sleep in the sun! And new things to sniff!) She just doesn’t like getting there.

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Cats sometimes regret desperately that deepest cat law forbids their native teleportation ability to be used in the presence of humans.


Norm is sleeping comfortably in her new find, a cushy chair overlooking the great room from the upper landing. There must be life lessons in all this….


Maybe Norm wants to drive.


Wow. I never viewed you as the mean sort, but that poor cat’s situation sounded pathetic. No wonder she may need therapy when she grows up.


Norm is now okay with Jaime petting her but she doesn’t care for the kissing part as yet. She is on my lap and purring as I type.


All cats should have a grandma with a lap to purr in. Unfortunately, my mom-in-law has 5 grandkitties (not enough lap for everyone) and is about to get very pissed at us for introducing her to number 6…

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