Up in flames (now with updates)

Monday, January 12th, 2009 | You Call This News?

Rockhaus Guitars had a fire on Sunday.

It’s bad any time anyone loses a business to fire, but it’s especially troubling when it’s my friend’s store.

I didn’t want to bug Rusty, figuring he’s got enough on his plate right now, but I got more info from Greg (the store’s original owner, who now lives in DC) about the fire. He says Rusty told him about 80% of the stock was destroyed. He also says there are plans to rebuild.

Y’know what this would be a good time for? A benefit show. Local musicians, club owners and WMSE (whom Rockhaus has supported for many years), I’m lookin’ at you.

Update: Word now is that all of the store’s guitars were destroyed in the fire. Try not to think too hard on that. It’ll just make you a little sick to your stomach wondering how much vintage, irreplaceable stuff might have been in the mix.

Further Update: I talked to Rusty Monday night. The insurance adjuster showdown is Wednesday (his vs. landlord’s). They’re ripping open the wall where the fire started. Everyone send good insurance outcome vibes his way. (He also asks that benefit plans be put on hold until after he hears how the insurance will shake out.)

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you can be sure we’ll help in any way we can.


So sorry for Rusty…hope you can create a benefit. It would make sense for local musicians to do what they can to get Rockhaus up and going again. What about some of the big names who would get their guitars there….maybe they would donate something for a fund-raiser like their cds or ??

czeltic girl

ryan – Wow, you’re quick with the response! Thanks for the offer. If a benefit gets off the ground, I’m sure MSE’s help will be much appreciated. We’ll definitely keep you guys in the loop.


Rotten news – here’s hoping there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

joe gallenberger

I’ve dealt with Greg, Rusty, Jim ( who worked for us a few years back ) , and just about everybody who has ever been part of Rockhaus over the years. They’re all first class people and I wish them the best in rebuilding.
While I hope for the absolute best result possible for Rusty in dealing with the insurance companies, its hard to imagine that they will be 100% compensated for all the lost inventory, time, income, and employee wages.
With that in mind, count me and everyone at Cream City Music in on any upcoming benefit. I’ve already talked to my staff ( many of whom have also been friends / customers at Rockhaus ), and everyone is on board.
CCM has a pretty big email list and other resources that we could use to get the word out – and we’d be happy to donate all the door money from our Feb. 28th Greg Koch clinic to Rockhaus.
- Joe, Jessi and everyone at Cream City Music

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